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KD is an AU (non-canon) Loveless RP forum. Septimal Moon - the government - has been oppressing its people for decades, prioritising those with written fates in the form of "true names" over those without such fates. Those that are in the know are amassing in retaliation. Will you join the other side of the fray? Or will you side with the superior?


CALLING ALL COUNCILMEN The 7 councilmen of Septimal Moon are about to hold a conference meeting in the Rathaus and discuss current events and future plans for the Capital. Sign-ups end May 15th. Read more about it here.


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 absinthe / betelgeuse / bacchus
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 11:17 PM
But I know this much is true, I wanna do bad things with you
BACCHUS has made 308 posts.

played by
alignment: Betelgeuse
elements: Ventus, Astrologia, Neutrum, Non-Elementum
weaknesses: Air, Dark, Psionic, Transmutation
Absinthe (The Chariot)

✘ Ears


Name Bacchus Citizenship Outskirts and Capital Age 32 Gender Male

Height 6' Build Tall and lean Hair Black Eyes A light, soft red

Occupation Kingpin, Har Broker. 07: The Chariot

True Name Bacchus' true name is ascribed over his 9th through 12th ribs on his left side. Strangely enough the etched font almost seems out of focus and hazy when you read it -- as if you're high or drunk while looking at it.

Tier IV

Stance Sacrifice

Element Categories Ventus, Astrologia, Neutrum, Non-Elementum

Specific Elements Air, Dark, Psionic, Transmutation

With a complete and total trust in his fighter's ability to work with him (and not do something idiotic) he can completely focus on his spells and on what the other team is doing. Believing in his fighter's strength he has no need to spend a great deal of time in buffing or healing his fighter -- he spends most of his time on debuffing and on transmutation. He is quick to capitalize on a team's weakness, his optimal goal being to completely overwhelm their opponents in debuffs and psionic trickery.

Spell Log

You may record the spells you've used in battle here if you'd like. Purely optional.

Behind the name: Bacchus Bacchus is the roman version of the greek god Dionysus. He is known for being the god of wine and revelry. Dionysus, who Bacchus was derived from, was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy in ancient Greek religion and myth. When Bacchus left Septimal Moon and went into the Outskirts he decided his real name was no longer valid, because he was no longer that person. He chose Bacchus as his new name because of his love for drinking and 'revelry'. When people hear his name, he wants them to always know that being around him is always an ...enjoyable experience, to say the least.

Behind the True Name: Absinthe Absinthe is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (45–74% ABV / 90–148 U.S. proof) beverage. It is an anise-flavoured spirit derived from botanicals, including the flowers and leaves of Artemisia absinthium ("grand wormwood"), together with green anise, sweet fennel, and other medicinal and culinary herbs. Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as "la fée verte" (the green fairy). Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. The True Name Absinthe reflects on Baccus' borderline addiction to liquor and spirits, as well as his battle practices as a sacrifice -- preferring to leave his targets confused and disoriented, as if they were under the influence of a lot of alcohol.

Behind the Tarot: The Chariot Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression The Chariot represents conquest, victory and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. Any success will be a result of applying these factors to the situation. You will need to use the strength of your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges in your way. You may even find that by leveraging any opposing forces surrounding you at this time you can use them to your advantage. You must be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working. If you are, you will triumph over any difficulties or anyone who is trying to limit you. This struggle will ultimately make you stronger. The ideals of Baccus' tarot card are woven though his every part of his being. It's what has driven him to becoming a Kingpin, and it has given him laser focus on his desires and goals. When his gluttony and greed get in control, the very reverse of the card is true. It takes a great deal for Bacchus, however, to lose control of himself.

Personality Bacchus is a man that is controlled by his vices -- he knows this, and he doesn't care. At. All. His is greedy, gluttonous, prideful, and an incredibly lustful man. His greed and gluttony make him vulnerable to addictions, and he has several -- alcohol being the most prominent one. In the past he let his alcoholism get in the way of his goals, yet that is definitely no longer the case. While it still exists he is a high functioning alcoholic, yet refuses to do any important information gathering or strategy meetings under the influence. He has more respect for his current position as Kingpin than that. He is a man that has few friends -- most if not all that call Bacchus a 'friend' are in Bacchus' eyes just acquaintances he likes to party with and have a good time. The closest person to him is his Fighter, and he'd do anything for him in and out of battle. While he used to be in Septimal Moon he does not hold the main beliefs that Fighters are slaves, and wants to completely eradicate that line of thinking. Bacchus lives by the phrase 'Work Hard, Play Hard' and wishes others would follow him in that type of mantra. He doesn't force anything on anyone and he earns respect to get respect. He lets his reputation speak for itself, and while people are highly aware of his drinking and partying habits they are also very well aware of his skills in intelligence gathering and strategy. He is who he is, and he will never apologize for anything he has done. If people actually try to get to know him, looking past his rank and his vices, he is an incredibly passionate and caring man -- while his actions might not always show it, on the inside he can be quite the cuddly teddybear.

Behind the Man: Important Historical Instances - Born of a Doctor and a Holographic Engineer. Their positions in their field gave them wealth beyond a normal capital citizen -- as a result Bacchus had whatever he wanted, yet he was amiss of any parental guidance since they were always working. - The absence of his parents made him act out at a young age and his attitude and actions did not improve until his later years of schooling and into University. - In University he studied information gathering, intelligence and militaristic strategy. While he acted out and got in trouble for his attitude, his teachers could not dismiss his high marks and could not fail him for his attitude alone - When he completed University he took a position in an intelligence firm. Quickly ascending the ranks, yet not making too many friends because of his worsening drinking habit. - It was his drinking habit that caused him to be turned down for a position in Septimal Moon. For a while he actually did work on lessening his drinking habit, enough to get accepted into the Intelligence division. They still had misgivings about his well-known habits, but because of his knowledge they decided to accept him into the group. - As he did in the firm he had joined he grew within the internal ranks of the division before his responsibilities and his need for alcohol and pleasure got the best of him. He was removed before he reached the rank of Councillor and had a fallout with several members on his way out, his anger getting the best of him as he was escorted out. - Being kicked out of Septimal Moon enraged him, and he automatically wanted revenge. He started to troll the Outskirts to get in contact with Betelgeuse, offering up information and intelligence about Septimal Moon to get a shot at the revenge he so wanted. - The need for revenge on Septimal Moon, and a few other factors, had given him the ability to slightly curtail his vices, freeing him join Betelgeuse, and once again work up the ranks until he finally seized the ultimate position of power -- Kingpin.

How were they appointed kingpin/council? Not long after he joined the Information branch he felt that it's Kingpin was moving too slow, to sum it up. Bacchus, as akin to his tarot designation, felt like he could carry the branch better than it's current leader. He felt the information could be collected faster, and the strategies updated to move their cause forward towards it's completion. When the Kingpin refused to listen to his suggestions he challenged their leadership and won -- proving his strength and intellect was superior to the former Kingpin's. How long have they been kingpin/council? Bacchus has held his position for two and a half years to this point, and is by no means ready to give it up anytime soon. What do they contribute as their role? He keeps a close eye on information gathering, and makes sure irrelevant information doesn't get dumped on any other branches of the gang needlessly. He keeps a close eye on Septimal Moon and key players, trying to get proper pinpointed strategies to maximize their efforts in dismantling the organization. Bacchus also sells and withholds information as his discretion, keeping everything in mind as he makes his decisions. How do they operate? He operates his division within Betelgeuse efficiently and keeps a close eye on all of it's inner-workings. He trusts the higher ranks to do their job properly, yet he will randomly check behind some of his subordinates to make sure their information gathering is still to his standards and even exceeds them. Bacchus keeps the final strategies he sends to his fellow kingpin's completely confidential. While he trusts those that work under him, he still practices being discreet in what strategies they decide to follow. Spies do exist, and he will not be the cause of their plans being thwarted because he was lose with information and strategies. What are their goals as kingpin/council? He had a bad history with Septimal Moon, and he wants to see them completely eradicated. While that is the main reason, he does wish that the Outskirts were finally given what they deserve, and figures when his main goal is accomplished that everything else will fall into place. The vast difference between the Capital and the Outskirts bother him almost as much as the way he was treated in Septimal Moon.

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