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 Graves Spell List, Potential Spells for People to Use
 Posted: May 15 2018, 02:35 PM
"Is that dirt? Let me clean it for you."
WYNN ANDERS has made 3 posts.

played by
Wynn Anders
alignment: Neutral
elements: Cleaning
weaknesses: Books! Cleaning! Smell of fresh Linens!


Fireball - conjure a small ball of fire
Spark - conjure a small flame quickly
Burn - heat a flame to temperatures where they would hurt someone
Flame - create a flame
Warm Up - heats up an item or person
Blood Boil- literally heats targets blood to the point of boiling.
Ember - makes a small stone that burns bright and fast to create an ember
Blaze - creates flames that burn brightly
Ignite - to light on fire
Flame Inferno -Creates a tornado of flames headed towards the person.
Combust - causes subject to be devoured by flame
Char - to burn slightly, and reduce subject to the charcoal level of ash
Scorch - to cause subject to parch and shrivel with heat
Smolder- to heat for a long time at a consistent level
Singe - create a superficial burn
Scald - burns liquid to a boiling point

Strike - brings down a strike of lightning
Discharge - releases a burst of electrical energy out from your person
Flash - create a bright flash of energy with the potential to blind
Charge - charge up a strike by creating the lighting around.
Cage - Trap subject in a cage of electricity
Illuminate - give a visible shade of light based on the electric charge
Current - create a flow of electric energy from the air around you
Return - deflect attacks with this, returning the force of the attack
Static - create static to be released.
Bolt - creates a lightning bolt
Weaponize - encase a weapon that makes physical contact with the subject (lasso/whip/bat) in lightning to delivery an electrifying strike.
Energy absorb - use lighting to absorb force of any physical attack.
Shield -creates an electrical shield to deflect attacks.


Bubble - creates small bubbles of water
Bubble 2- Trap subject in a bubble of water
Wave - creates a wave of water
Tsunami - creates a huge wave of water with more force behind it
Walk - allows you to walk on water
Ripple- takes the water in your blood, and ripples it to cause internal problems
Pump- transfers one pool of water to another
Vortex - creates a large quantity of water that swirls in a circular direction
Liquidfy - turns object into water
Slice -cases subject to be sliced over by highly dense water
Spike - creates a spike of water
Beam - creates a beam of water
Dive - allows the caster to breathe in water.
Whirlpool - creates a spiral at the middle of the pool of water
Fall- creates water to foall onto subject
Soak - perpetually adds more water to encase subject and keep them in water
Drench - Encases subject in water temporarily covering them

spear - creates a spear out of ice
lance - creates a lance out of ice
encase - puts subject covered into ice
chill - brings down the temerature of water in the body to ice levels
beam - creates a beam of ice
shroud -chreates a wall of ice that is
storm - create multiple ice shards then form it into a storm
shine - create a reflective ice, like a mirror
skate - forces the floor beneath the subject to refine to a glare like state, making it slippery
stitch - refines ice into thread to stitch up two parts
shrapnel- creates a hollow projectile of ice that bursts upon impact
Pierce - pierces subject with ice.


> ROCK (Soil, Minerals)
Crush - sends a lump of sand hardened, to crush the subject
Quicksand - creates a soft wet patch of soil that swallows things that tread into it
Eat Dirt - forces a patch of dirt to go into the face of subject, and try to force it's way down the throat
Mud - softens the soil to make a mess
Dust - dries the dirt in order to create dust (it can be useful to blow in peoples faces)
Loam - creates a patch of soil that plants will grow well in
Sludge - Thickens mud in order to slow movement through it.
Lustre - gives yourself a sheen
Magnet - Alters the chemical properties of a mineral in order to make it magnetic
Hard On - hardens the skin of the caster
Quake - moves the earth in order to shake it.

Radar - you can use sonic waves to make a randar of your surroundings
photosynthesis - your skin acts like a plant and it absorbs sunlight as nutrients
Seedlings - creates seeds that explode upon impact
Venomous Seedlings - your seedlings now release a toxin into the air upon impact
Intervined - binds the user in vines
Pheremones- can exhale a pheremone mist that affects a persons lust. Make ya smell nice
Thorny Wall : Creates a wall of thorns
Barkskin: Creats an armor similar to bark
Herbal Medicine: Create a salve that is accelerated healing
Flora : creates patches of random flowers
Camoflague: Turns the casters skin into camoflauge - good for hiding
ForestFold - folds in the forest around you

Cloud Buddy - You can create a little cloud buddy that will follow you aroun.
Fog - Create a thick wave of dense air to mask your prescence
Flight - Push pressurized air under you in order to attain flight
Lullaby - Use a song of multiple pitches of air to lull subject to sleep
Silence - You can manipulate air around you to quiet smaller sounds
Puppet -You can shift the location of sounds to make them quieter, like a master pulling on puppet strings
Gust - Creates a gust of wind
Vibrate - alternates the level of wind in the air to where they can be applied as a force to disable subject
Empty - clears the air out of specific cubic area
Zephyr -creates a lightweight breeze
Breeze - gentle winds up to 31 mph
Gale - Creates winds up to 62 mph
Tornado - Create a violent funnel of air that swirls with force
Push - use the air to subject in the direction
Pull - uses air to pull subject in a direction

> > *TIME










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